Art Featured In Dallas & Charleston Style & Design

CONGRATULATIONS to the artists we published in Dallas Style & Design and Charleston Style & Design. We've worked very hard to land a major magazine opportunity and are extremely proud of the artists who have worked closely with us over the last year or two. It is an honor to promote all our artists work and we look forward to selecting artists for the future publications coming out in 2021!! Thank you to the Style & Design team for this opportunity! More seasonal issues to come! Originals and Limited Editions are available at our showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center! Schedule an appointment to visit our facilities!

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Hibiscus - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Cheyenne Gallion


From $175
Crashing Wave - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Cheyenne Gallion

Crashing Wave

From $175
Galaxy Series - Desert Sky Bowl - Artistic Transfer, LLC
David Gappa

Galaxy Series - Desert Sky Bowl

Sale price $1,400 Regular price $1,750
Rainbow Heart II - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Carole Harston

Rainbow Heart II

From $121.53
Field of Dreams Triptych - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Niki Gulley

Field of Dreams Triptych

Athena's Garden I - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Melia Wright

Athena's Garden I

From $175
Golden Jelly - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Victoria Moore

Golden Jelly

From $856
Sea Lily - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Deborah Cooper

Sea Lily

From $525
The Lost Sounds of Silence - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Henrietta Milan

The Lost Sounds of Silence

From $315
Reflections (Coast of Spain) - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Beverly Parson White

Reflections (Coast of Spain)

From $131.25
Mountain Blue Stream - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Stephanie C. McLerran

Mountain Blue Stream

From $218.75
The Scream - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Don Matheson

The Scream

From $262.50