Showroom Inventory Sale!

As we're getting ready for the holiday markets, we have a large number of samples to produce in order to display our newest artists' work in our showroom. As a result, we have a collection of existing display samples available at great discounts for purchase online and right off the floor!


Since we can't produce every piece in our catalog to display in our showroom, Buyers who visit our showroom are not able to see every piece of art represented in our catalog, so we invite you to request if you'd like to see artwork printed out before committing to any purchase! Ask about our tiered pricing and look forward to our new collections of artist originals being added to our catalog in the near future!


As an architect, designer, professional organizer, home builder or contractor, please call about our Artistic Transfer Trade program to set up an account for exclusive pricing incentives for 2020!
Call 512-253-4421 Ext. 222 to schedule an appointment for a custom art curation consultation and distinguish your home or business with an Artistic-Transformation!