Jennifer McRorey


I am addicted to paint, the way it feels, the way it flows, the vibrant colors and how it makes everything clean and new. Paint is mesmerizing. My path to fluid art began when I stood on the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska.  I looked down and saw the most beautiful work of art in a puddle of glacier melt. The blue ice, brown sediment and crystal clear water made me think "I'm going to paint that!"  So began my journey. 

I don't feel the need to follow any artistic rules. Rather than begin each painting with a deliberate idea of the outcome, I let the piece unfold and flow on it's own. Oh, and the scientist in me loves to mix up different concoctions to see how they interact with each other. Artists are always asked to explain their process. What's my process? I use my creativity to produce a reaction between paint and different materials then manipulate it with gravity, wind or fire to produce something beautiful.


Jennifer McRorey received her Bachelor's degree in physical education with a minor in art at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, While working on her Masters Degree at the University of Oklahoma a job opportunity presented itself that she could not pass up.  She packed her bags and moved to Dallas in 1987 and went to work for the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.  She retired from the City of Dallas in 2016 after 29 years of service.  Since retiring, Jennifer has enjoyed traveling the world and devoting much of her time to creating beautiful works of art.