John Hanson

"I was born in Keatchie, Louisiana USA. I won't tell you when, but it was a long time ago.
My mother said that from the time I could walk I had a pencil and paper in my hand, drawing everything I could see. I guess it all started from there, because I'm still the same.
When I was in my first year of high school, we moved along with my mother and grandparents to Odessa, Texas. I had two uncles that had moved out there after WW II, and we went to join them.
I finished High School at Odessa High. I workded for J.C. Penney doing windows and news paper ads for a while, but i quickly grew tired of that and joined the Air Force. I spent some time in the Air Police, but pretty soon I figured out that that wasn't my calling.
But in the mean time I was transfered from McCoy AFB, Florida to Noueseur AB, Morocco. It was here that I met someone that would totally change my life... my wife.
I changed career fields in the Air Force and became an Illustrator... which was more to my likeing.
After two years, we were transfered to Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WN. Our daughter, Danielle was born there in the Base Hospital. After four years at Fairchild I decided to get out of the Air Force.
I went to work for AAFES... The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, and we moved to Dallas. Our son Michael was born here. We then moved to Thailand, Okinawa, Boston, Washington DC, back to Dallas, to German, and back to Dallas again. By that time 30 years had passed and I retired.
I now paint, play golf, go shopping with my wife, and visit Grandkids (not necessarily in that order)." 

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