Lauren Armstrong

Creative Arts Specialist/ Painter/Illustrator

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always kept art close to me; finding life in colors, sounds, movements, words, matter how dim or how bright. The place of creativity is one of my oldest friends. It is a living language that continues to speak volumes. It continues to unfold and tell a story.

Inside of creativity, I find places and spaces, in the natural and the supernatural. I find love and I find beauty. I find life and I find death. I find connection and comfort. I find you and I find me.

The collections of my artisan work have been crafted throughout several different seasons of my life. They were birthed in a variety of different atmospheres. Some of these paintings were done in private. Many were done within the midst of other artists, as we collaborated together. Still, others were created outdoors, as I sought to capture the beauty of creation on behalf of many different regions and people groups.

As an artist, I have come to understand that I have a responsibility to develop my craft of creative expression. I am committed to the calling and the mandate to capture the heart of the goodness of God.  I must continue to learn to speak the language. It is one of my greatest joys to share what I find with others. Once I release my work, it doesn't belong to me anymore. My hope is that the viewers of my work would be sparked with a new piece of life of their own. May the language of creativity continue to have its way within the hearts and minds of us all!     

-Lauren Armstrong


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