Ramana Karkus


Interpreting and understanding our world – seen and unseen – has always been important to me. That is why I gravitated towards the visual arts as well as psychology and spirituality as avenues to explore and share.

I took my formal art training at Syracuse and Columbia Universities in their schools of painting and sculpture, receiving a BFA from Columbia. Over the years I have also studied at the Art Students League in New York City and the Decordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts. I received  my master’s degree (M.ED) from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA in expressive arts therapy and my Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology from Columbia Pacific University (an early online program).

I have always believed that art is not produced in a vacuum but is integrated with the artist’s entire being: spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional and physical! That is why personal and spiritual growth have always been an important part of my history. I believe that growth in one area affects growth in all areas and so I knew that my art abilities would change as I grew in any direction.

I do not try to copy or imitate nature. Instead I employ the rhythms and forms of nature to create my own landscapes which invite the viewer to enter, see and interpret their own perceptions of the painting.

Combining art, psychology and spirituality as a mind, body, spirit therapist allowed me to integrate the personal and professional aspects of my life. I have always felt lucky to be able to do this….having no separation between the two. Now, as I focus more on my art than my therapy practice, I still feel fortunate to be able to use art to help others to see, feel and experience a better, more integrated and whole world. This has always been my path and will continue to be my direction for the foreseeable future. I hope that my art speaks for itself!