Shermeen Sidiki


Each drawing lives with me as it comes into being and continues to evolve until it becomes an extension of me. I try to capture the eyes and make them move within intricate geometric patterns. As people watch my drawings, I love to watch their eyes as they follow along and then light up with a smile!  My initial tools are the compass and the ruler. I first start with a heavy tessellated geometric pattern and then add Arabesque floral and illumination that form the various parts of the whole. Once the design is completed I use my favorite medium, pastels, to add fun and color.  

Sometimes I start with words that I would fall in love with. Either Arabic from the Quran that always has a sea of meaning or Urdu poetry with Sufistic interpretations.   At other times I start with a design that just starts to appear as I put pencil to paper and follow my instincts. The words in Diwani font then come later that I would add in to complete my creation. The writing makes my art speak to you and gives it meaning.

As I start coloring in the patterns, certain forms get highlighted while others are suppressed and soon enough a picture emerges that best evokes the feeling that it represents. I absolutely love that moment of instantaneous creativity when a drawing comes into its own and becomes art that speaks to you.