Wright Art Twins


Wright Art Twins Gallery Grand Opening August 11th from 7-10! Congratulations from Artistic Transfer! 🎉🎊 We wish you great successes, an abundance of art sales, and may this gallery be one of many! Cheers!

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"Beauty In The Sea" is one our best showcased giclées in the showroom! This stunning abstract painting by The Wright Art Twins captures all of what we love in our reproduction technology. While in pursuit of displaying this phenomenal side-by-side example front and center for designers and buyers who walk by; everyone assumed the 48"x48" giclée was the original when in fact the 24"x 24" was! While we were flattered, on the the contrary to our dismay, the downward lighting enhanced the texture of the original, but totally hid the gold! In contrast, the texture AND metallic colors are brilliantly defined in the print.This blind-sighted situation, if you will, transformed into a revelation. This scenario adds tremendous value for potential home and hospitality buyers selecting artwork. No matter what lighting angle the artwork is lit, our artist giclèes capture the glory of gold, silver, and metallic colors at a 360° angle for your viewing pleasure.