Enter in the ultimate art event on Valentines Day located at the World Trade Center!

Friday, Feb 14, 2020 | 5-11pm | Artistic Transfer Showroom | 2050 N. Stemmons Fwy, STE 555, Dallas, TX 75207

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Applying Online:

Submissions Accepted: January 1st - 20th

Artistic Transfer offers a unique perpetual publishing program for emerging, mid-career and established artists to gain more business and exposure in their creative professional career. Artistic Transfer does not charge monthly fees, wall space rental, or require exclusivity. Artists have everything to gain when participating in our events and becoming an official Artistic Transfer artist. Since we do not operate like a gallery, the publishing arena is far more dynamic in terms of capturing a greater buyer audience while offering both originals and museum quality limited editions to residential and commercial sectors who want to enjoy high-end artwork, support the art community, but have a budget like the rest of us.

Artist Requirements:
● Must be an official Artistic Transfer Artist and have a minimum of 10 image captures to promote their collection and event (Participating artists can take advantage of $75 Image Captures verses $150 Retail)
● Artists are highly encouraged to have an updated Artist Collection Bio and include descriptions for each art piece in collection to share a story, meaning or significance - all of which Artistic Transfer is happy to help with. (Minimal fees for writing consultation descriptions may be subject to charge).

Artist Participation Package – Total $750
● Artistic Transfer encourages artists to have a balanced original and giclée ratio to capture a greater buyer audience and reduce the risk of regretfully underselling an original piece. Therefore, $300 of the Artistic Participation Package will be allocated towards printing their giclées at 75% off list retail print pricing ($1200 retail value).
Artists can enjoy 100% of the profit from pre-paid printed giclées and keeps balance of what was printed. Artist receives 20% of any additional giclées sold during the event printed at Artistic Transfer's expense. 
● Due to the fact that Artistic Transfer is not charging for booth rentals or wall space, we will honor our regular commission split 60% (Artist)/40% (AT) agreement for original sales.
● If you plan on painting live, painting portraits, or doing small/medium abstract paintings, Artistic Transfer can also provide discounted museum quality Fredrix canvas for artists to make additional revenue at event.
● Featured Artists will receive 4 tickets for friends and family.


Advertisement Budget

Social media demographics vary which is why we want to capture results from both Facebook and Instagram to measure the success of each artist's campaign to achieve maximum results and help gather valuable data and analytics for future marketing successes.

$150 - Branded Facebook Ad Budget
Artistic Transfer will create custom professional ad graphics and high-quality videos for each featured artist. This portion of the artist's expense will be 100% allocated to laser target the artist's audience, generate online giclée sales from artist's collection and promote the event's attendance. Collectors can pre-buy giclées and pick-up their art at event then have it signed by featured artist.

$150 - Branded Instagram Ad Budget
The most successful Instagram Ad budgets tell a story. Artists can take advantage of Artistic Transfer’s radio, television and film background experience and collaborate on an immersive video to powerfully engage a wide range of online viewers and increase visibility. Video Footage from featured artists will be included in the official Event Promo Video as well.

$150 - Choice of Professional Portfolio or Paint Mediums
A. Professional photographs are an essential branding element to elevate your social artistic presence. Artists are welcome to schedule appointments or arrive on the designated photoshoot day (date TBD) wearing an outfit that best suits their brand and appeal to their audience's vibe/creative culture
along with paintings and props (Examples: paint brushes, aprons or inspiring mementos that have influenced their creative process).

B. For artists who are live painting, doing portraits or simply want to do custom art pieces to unveil at the show, Artistic Transfer is offering the following:
a. 50% off value for Fredrix blank stretched canvas - heavy weight or light weight options available.
b. 5x 16x20 metal panels - perfect for flow or mix media artists to raise the value and longevity of the art using this medium.
c. 1x Large canvas roll for artists who really want to explore the space in their medium or break a personal record painting on a bigger canvas size.

Artistic Transfer Event Contributions

  • Over 5,000 sq ft of wall space for featured artists to showcase oversized paintings.
  • Complimentary Art Installation
  • Custom Branded Graphics
  • Professional Photography & Videography
  • Advanced Social Media Advertisement Curation
  • Wrapping service for all artwork purchased during event is provided
  • Shipping and fulfillment arrangements can be made to accommodate collectors
  • Free Electricity 

Key Points
• To maximize the results, artists are encouraged to update artist collection content and descriptions.
• There is no sign-up fee, monthly subscription fee, wall space fee, or exclusive marketing requirement.
• Artistic Transfer handles all shipping on your behalf.
• Artistic Transfer will give 20% royalty to artist for giclée sales and 60% on commissions and original sales (artist enjoys 100% profit from giclées pre-bought in advance) .