Artistic Transfer Limited Edition Prints

All images are printed on the highest museum quality media such as canvas, acrylic, metal or paper. 
Limited editions are numbered 1 to 300 (edition size may vary from time to time depending on artist specifications) for each size and media and edition closes after the last print is made. No more will ever be printed after the edition is sold out.
Our high quality raw materials and production made and assembled in USA.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each limited edition print comes with an official certificate that displays the artwork details, artist's signature, edition number, number of print, material and production description, seal and official signatures, creating value and provenance. Our certificates of authenticity are printed on high quality acid-free papers.

Media Types

Canvas is the Classic Choice for giclees.

Canvas stretched with top quality non-warp standard or 1.5 inch stretcher bars and a high longevity and brightness canvas rated at over 100 years.
Types of canvas includes:
Matte Gloss Metallic

Acrylic is the Ultra-Elegant Choice to impress.

Acrylic, ¼ or 3/8 inch thickness, comes with extra clear and smooth surface and flame polished edges.
Lighting and hanging option are available! Contact us for a quote!

Metal is the Superior Choice for longevity and durability.

Aluminum prints are indestructible, water proof, UV protected with premium quality and stunning luminosity, vibrant colors, detail, depth, and durability.
Resistant against scratches, chemicals, and more!
A fantastic choice especially for hospitals and medical offices.
Hanging option are available! Contact us for a quote

Framing and Hanging Options

*All limited edition prints have a default hanging option and can be upgraded upon request with a variety of hanging methods .

Check out our extensive catalog of frames!

Need a custom size? Contact us for a quote!