Enter to win in the ultimate art contest located at the World Trade Center!

Get a chance to showcase your artwork right in the heart of the Dallas Design District at the World Trade Center. Contest winners and accepted artists will be showcased for a month during Total Home and Gift Market in addition to Dallas Design Week! 

Both events afford priceless exposure to thousands of industry leaders from ASID designers and hospitality buyers to creative business owners who come from all over the country and the world to discover the latest design trends, learn cutting edge products, technology, and marketing methodologies to grow business, drive traffic and transcend brand presence amidst competitors. 

Submissions accepted until deadline -- November 22nd, 2019. 

Monthly Contestant Prizes

  • A series of monthly contests will occur following the dates in which the previous contest ends.
  • Contest Judges “Popularity Vote” exhibition in which 1 vote will be allocated to each attendant present during the show.
  • 30-40 submissions will be chosen and the selected artists will be allowed to invite friends, clients and family. 
  • Artwork will be judged by attendants who will cast their votes during the opening showcase of the 30-40 selected artists.
  • Top 3 winners will be announced at the end of the showcase. 

Additional Benefits for Winners and Accepted Artists:

Top 3 artists will be selected with a first place position allocated to only one of the three chosen winners. 

First Place Prize Artwork (1-3 chosen pieces) will be showcased for 4 weeks (beginning the week following the showcase) in Artistic Transfer Showroom.  *Items sold will be at regular gallery percentages *First place winner submissions sent during the first contest will have the opportunity for their work to be showcased during the Total Home & Gift Market along with the Dallas Design Week Press Release Promotion in The Art Guide.  

Contest Terms and Conditions:

  • You do not have to be an Artistic Transfer Artist to participate and receive image capture or printing. 
  • Artist must ship and recover artwork at their own expense.  Submissions (digital photo or physical art piece) can not exceed 3 feet in size. 

Submission deadline is November 22nd at 5PM.   

  • Upon selection, all artwork must be delivered in person between the Nov. 25th until Dec. 6th at 5PM. (1-2 pieces will be displayed per artist) Artist may submit up to 3 art pieces per submission ($40 fee). 
  • Art pieces submitted must be available to sell during showcase. Multiple submissions are allowed (up to 3 art pieces per application which is an additional $40).

The official showcase (public event, no ticket or submission required) will be on December 7th from 1-4PM in the Artistic Transfer Showroom at The Trade Center of Dallas. 

Artistic Transfer Showroom

2050 N Stemmons Fwy Suite #555 Dallas TX, 75207 512-253-4421 ext. 222

  • Winners will be announced at the end of the show once all ballots are collected and counted.  *Selected winners must hand deliver artwork for the showcase.
  • We do NOT deliver or mail art following the showcase. Artists are responsible for pickup and and/or return delivery of their work Final Contestant Prizes (Date to be announced).
Previously chosen contestants will be given an additional opportunity to showcase and compete with their new works and have the chance to win the "ultimate" placement prizes as listed below.

    1st Prize Winner $350 Cash & 6 months display time in the showroom (1-3 pieces allowed)  3x Image Captures with Proprietary Technology Museum Quality Canvas Print (up tp 9 sqft)

    2nd Prize Winner  2 FREE nights at The Guild Stay in downtown Dallas at The Guild

    3rd Prize Winner 1 FREE image capture & print ($400 cash value) Contest Judges  “A Winner’s Return Show” exhibition will follow in February for returning contestants originally chosen as the winners in the previous shows. 

    A panel of interior design or hospitality industry professionals will review applicants and vote anonymously of the original first, second and third place winners in each of the 3 previous shows. All contestants are then invited for a returning showing of new works which the panel of judges on who wins the final 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements. 

    Please complete the form and pay the $40 contest admission fee separately. Thank you!