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Available Printing Medias

For custom printing medias please contact us at and we will send you a quote. 

*Prices in Catalog reflect prices for Gloss Canvas, 3/8 inch Acrylic, Metal w/ no coat, and Metallic Paper. 
Matte canvas standard stretch - no varnish 1/4 inch w/ Metallic Paper w/ no coat Watercolor
Canvas stretched standard w/ varnish 3/8 inch w/ Metallic Paper w/ holographic laminante Photo Paper Matte
Matte Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - no varnish 1/2 inch w/ Metallic Paper w/ sparkle laminate  Photo Paper Gloss
Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" w/ varnish  1 inch w/ Metallic Paper Photo Paper Luster
Gloss Standard stretch Metallic Paper
Gloss Gallery Wrap 1.5"
Metallic Canvas Stretched Standard 
Metallic Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5"